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Strong legal representation for divorce and other family law issues.

At the Carrigan Law Office, we represent the people of Tulsa and the surrounding areas of Oklahoma in a variety of family law cases involving:

  • Divorce  If your marriage is ending, you are not alone: Oklahoma divorce rates are some of the highest in the country. But having an experienced family law attorney on your side can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. At our firm, we focus on protecting your interests and your future, with an emphasis on finding positive solutions through mediation and collaboration whenever possible.
  • Child custody and visitation — Oklahoma courts, like those of all states, make custody determinations based on what they believe to be in the best interests of the children, and courts now prefer that both parents, whenever feasible, make important decisions regarding their children. Our knowledge of Oklahoma divorce and custody laws helps us to advocate for your continued participation in the lives of your children, including enforcing visitation rights for noncustodial parents.
  • Child support — Noncustodial parents are responsible for supporting their minor children. Whether you are the parent receiving support or the one paying it, we work diligently to gather the evidence required to ensure the court is aware of all financial considerations in making its decision.
  • Alimony — Oklahoma offers two types of spousal support — alimony and spousal maintenance. Alimony is awarded in the final decree and is payment from one spouse to the other that may be for a specific time or indefinite, depending on individual circumstances. Spousal maintenance is paid while the divorce is in process and is temporary. We will ensure that the court is aware of all relevant factors in awarding spousal support so that support payments are fair for all involved.
  • Property distribution — Oklahoma is an equitable distribution state, which means property acquired during the marriage is distributed between the parties as part of the divorce. While this distribution is considered equitable, it doesn’t always result in an even split. We have the experience and skill to ensure that property you’ve acquired before the marriage is considered separate and that all marital property is accurately classified to offer a fair division of marital assets. Count on us to build a strong case in support of your rights under equitable distribution.
  • Adoption — The joy associated with adopting a child should not be marred by the frustration and confusion that often comes with the complexities of the adoption process. We ease your fears and efficiently guide you through various types of adoption so that you can add to your family with as little stress as possible.

Ms. St.Clair is dedicated to reaching a favorable resolution of your case — whether we achieve that through mediation or litigation — that not only solves your immediate concerns but also looks to your future well-being and that of your family.

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