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Who We Are

Ms. Carrigan-St.Clair has engaged in a broad practice of the law in the Tulsa area for 22 years, including complex civil litigation in state and federal court, as well as all aspects of family law, estate planning, and non-profit incorporation. Additionally, Ms. Carrigan-St.Clair worked for ten years as general counsel and then attorney general for the Delaware Tribe of Indians, which involved treaty rights litigation, federal legislative work, as well as general government contracting and all negotiations with various branches of government. Ms. Carrigan-St.Clair works very hard to deliver results and to satisfy her clients’ goals.

What We Do

We are here for you and willing to do whatever it takes, to make sure that all of you legal issues are taken care of in a professional and timely manner. While being respectful to you through the entire process of handling you case.